​​​U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Spar WLB - 403 out of Bristol RI.

I made this video for  "Commander Peggy Britton" I also converted the movie to use on you tube. You will see this movie on the CGCC.
Devotion to Duty. Click onto image on left...

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​Remembering the SPARS
Interview with
​Lt. j.g. Doritha Douglas.
Click onto picture on right to see on you tube.

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​​​Rokey tours SPAR | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Laura Rokey, a former Coast Guard SPAR, and Lt. Cmdr. Michele Schallip,
commanding officer, Coast Guard Cutter SPAR, tour the ship while it was moored in ...


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Woman in the US Coast Guard. Full Movie.
Click Below for the first women to join the US Coast Guard SPARS.
Betty Wolford, age 89 of Frisco Texas and formally Wichita Falls. 
She passed away on Sunday April 15, 2012.
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Women in the U.S. Coast Guard.

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Florence Ebersole Smith Finch, USCGR (W).
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Click Below on link  for official link to Coast Guard Spars
Captain & now Cari Thomas Rear Admiral Advises Women to Live Balanced Life
By Lauren Suit.
AVALON — Captain Cari B. Thomas, commanding officer of the
Coast Guard Training Center in Cape May, gave the keynote address to a group of businesswomen.
She said that despiteexperience saving lives, commanding ships and with
25 years of military service, she is on a quest for balance.
Thomas told the women who were assembled for that annual Women in Business conference at the
Golden In Hotel and Conference Center that she has lived her life as four different women rolled up in to one.
The first and most noticeable she said was as an officer. Thomas is a 1984 graduate of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and completing an assignment as the Atlantic
Area Resource Di-rector, Training Center Cape May, is her 13th permanent duty station in nearly
25 year of service. The second and most treasured part of her life, Thomas said, was as a wife. She said she been married 23 years to her husband Gary. The most misunderstood
part of her life has been spent as a mother she said. “My daughter leads a life that is a bit nontraditional,
” Thomas joked. “Her mom does wear combat boots.”Thomas said that her career has taken her away from her daughter’s birthdays and first datesand that she does regret not being there during the milestone moments. The aspect of Thomas’life she admits paying the least attention to is living life as a woman.
She told the group of womenthat there was a time in her life when shewas hav-ing trouble with a boss and she forgot to take care of herself. “My blood pressure was out of control - my cholesterol was way
too high and my weight was too high,” she said. Thomas said she made the decision to take up fitness and was ableto complete a triathlon and half-marathon. She told the women in that a quote by
Albert Einstein best compliments her life is like a bicycle and to keep balanced you have to keep moving,
she said, And I’m doing my best to keep moving. The conference also featured six different seminars about how women can maximize potential in a challenging climate.

I am aware that the men & woman in the
​ Coast Guard today are known as Guardians but for me I like Spars.
Click onto you tube below.
Left & Right photos - PA1 Sara Francis  USCG Kodiak Alaska
My favorite picture of Sara, she is a true Coastie.
Sara Francis. ( Shaping the future ) Click onto picture below.
Sara is a petty officer first class in the U.S. Coast Guard
and supervisor of the District 17 public affairs detachment in Kodiak.
​She has been in Alaska for eight years.
​Click Onto Pictures To Enlarge.
Facts about the SPARS.
Click onto you tubes below
​Women in maritime forces,
Molly Bowser 3rd Class Petty Officer.
Click onto all pictures to Enlarge
While making all of the You Tubes for Fred's place I made many slide shows of the Northland.
​ I found that YN1 Pata was almost on every cruise.
I hope she will see this someday. 
​ Its dedicated to the Spars
1- YN1 Pata's war face is on.
2- YN1 Pata and 03BM2 Montejano putting up their stockings.
3- YN1 Pata showing big girls can cry.
      4-  ​YN1 Pata showing off her moves.
5-  YN1 Pata, ripping into gifts like a kid on Christmas.
6-  Halloween on board the Northland. "2010"
7- ​YN1 Pata enjoying the skyline.
8- YN1 Pata
and SK1 Polaski enjoying the fresh air.
9- YN1 Pata, SN Weinck, SN Reagan looking at the sights.

10- YN1 Pata enjoys her ice cream.
11- YN1 Pata & SK3 Fullmore out on the foc’sle.
12- Looks Like YN1 Pata Didn't Get Enough Sleep Lastnight.

16-YN1 pata working hard with those bolt cutters.
17-Two female cadets climb the rigging on the Coast Guard Cutter Eagle.
18-YN1 Pata and GM3 Rios pose with the weapons.
19 -Boatswain's Mate Third Class Caroline Dortch and Seaman Tessie Lee on board the 87-foot Coast Guard Cutter AHI.  20-SN Hoffman, SN Degener, and YN1 Pata enjoying the break.
21-Seaman Tessie Lee and Chief Petty Officer Matthew Zytkowicz.
​ 25 -Aviation Maintenance Technician Third Class Molly Bowser,
26-​Georgette stationed at Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point.
27 Second Class Georgette Lopez, stationed at Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston.
U.S. Coast Guard Pilot Jeanine McIntosh / CG-130 Hercules Aircraft
                                                   Click onto Band of Sisters.
                           ​No. 28                                                                                         No. 29
29-Boatswain's Mate 3rd Class Christine Bagley points out where the crash and salvage team stands to
​ 30-Boatswain's Mate 1st Class Danielle Villa. Bagley.
​31-Click onto her picture for more, from Dvids.
​This is navy.

34-​ Boatswain's Mate Second Class Andrea Toledo  
35-​YN3 Elisha Moody.
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Page No. 8​
Women in the U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Coast Guard​
Captain & now, Cari Thomas Rear Admiral
                       No. 1                                                                          No. 2                                                                         No. 3
                          No. 4                                                                       No. 5                                                                           No. 6
                      No. 7                                                                       No. 8                                                                            No. 9
                            No. 10                                                                     No. 11                                                                          No. 12
                            No. 16                                                                       No. 17                                                                         No. 18
                                     No. 34                                                                                                                        No. 35
                                               No. 32                                                                                                                No. 33
                No. 29                                                                     No. 30                                                                         No. 31
                  No. 25                                                                             No. 26                                                                         No. 27
               No. 19                                                                       No. 20                                                                       No. 21
                           N o. 1                                                                          No. 2                                                                          No. 3
                         No. 4                                                                          No. 5                                                                          No. 6
                        No. 7                                                                         No. 8                                                                          No. 9
Vice Admiral Sally Brice.
Click onto her picture for information.

                            No. 10                                                                       No. 11                                                                        No. 12
                          No. 13                                                                       No. 14                                                                          No. 15
                             No. 22                                                                     No. 23                                                                       No. 24
                          No. 1                                                                           No. 2                                                                        No. 3

Click onto picture below for  “SPARS”
​ US Coast Guard Woman’s Reserve – 1950’s

Click here:  for Molly Bowser 3rd. Class petty officer
​slide show, shown here as the background page.
Click here: for more information on what the Coast Guard personnel are called.
​I'm not aware that Coast Guard women are referred to as "Guardians"; I think members of the USCG are commonly referred to as "Coast Guard men and women". Perhaps the name comes from the
Kevin Costner film of that title. ​Here's a copy of an ALCOAST (broadcast message from the Commandant, at the time--2008--ADM Thad Allen)
​that talks about the "Guardian Ethos.  "Dave.

Click below for 18 Pages of
​ original Spar wlb 403 "1966"
​ Cruise, PDF format
Training Center Yorktown hosts leadership panel:
​“Women–Can You Have It All?”
Posted by PA3 David Weydert, Friday, May 3, 2013
Click here to read more about Commander,
​Peggy Britton:​​

Click below to go to Commanding officer, and Captain Peggy Britton
​in Phildelphia on the William Tate WLM-560

No. 1                                                                                                          No. 2
No. 1                                                                                                           No. 2
​COAST GUARD Compass Official Blog of the U.S. Coast Guard
Spar Elfie Larkin - a century of living, and still giving.
Centenarian Elfie Larkin, A Coast Guard World War II veteran and SPAR,
react with amazement at a
surprise birthday event held in honor of
her milestone Dec. 7, 2011. Video
includes program highlights during the event.
More than 160 people helped
Larkin celebrate her 100th birthday at the Oakland
Zoo where she volunteered as a docent.
U.S. Coast Guard video by: Chief Petty
Officer Sarah B. Foster, Petty Officers
Caleb Critchfield and Pamela Boehland.
Click onto picture below & watch on you tube.

13 - Lieutenant Jeanine McIntosh Menze Coast Guard Pilot.
Menze joined the U.S. Coast Guard in 2003 after graduation from the
Coast Guard Officer Candidate School. She began Coast Guard aviation training at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi Texas in January 2005. She earned her wings on June 24, 2005 and was assigned to fly HC-130 Hercules aircraft out of Air Station Barbers Point, Hawaii. After graduation she served as a pilot of the HC-130 Hercules airplanes for the United States Coast Guard and flew rescue missions for the U.S. Coast Guard in New Orleans, Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina.
​ As of 2010 Menze holds the rank of Lieutenant.
​Click onto her picture below left to read more.

Tars and Spars, in PDF format
Women in the U.S. Coast Guard

​I​nformation on the History of
​Women in the Coast Guard and
its ​Predecessor Services...

Click onto the bottom photo​.
Women Veterans celebrate women’s history
​ month through art 3_10_2017 Click below
Gina Panuzzi, Helicopter Mechanic -- Hot Girl, Cool Job

I am an Avionics Electrical Technician for the United States Coast Guard
​ on the MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter.
Anything on the helicopter that has an electrical component going to it on it or near it
​ I get to repair service and install.

First African American woman to enlist in US Coast Guard dies at 103