For Sale "1984" Fiero SE, Custom
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Published on Jun 7, 2017
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Who ever buys this car bought a winner. I'm 73 now and its getting tougher getting in or out,
​but once I'm in it, its a great ride indeed .
​The car is located in Philadelphia PA. 19111​

58,000 miles on it in the last 26 years of my ownership
Asking price $8,350.00 OBO
Truly One Of A Kind:

​"1984" Pontiac Fiero Custom SE."

58,000 miles on a new crate engine in the last 26 years of my ownership
Asking price  $8,350.00 obo.
It is truly One Of A Kind

I have owned this car for the last 26 years. I purchased it from the original owner,
making me the 2nd owner. I bought a new crate engine for it where they were manufactured. Since then I have just about replaced everything on the car, and I am a preventative maintenance type of person who does my own work. I have restored Antique cars most of my life and I really don't like anyone touching my cars. Within the last two years she has a new clutch, pressure plate and throw-out bearing with a more expensive design arm to activate it. I replaced the master cylinder for the clutch and a S.S. tubing for the slave unit to operate the clutch. The A/C is cold, I put a brand new Compressor / not rebuilt and evaporator last year. It didn't need it, but I did that work 20 years ago and it was time for me to do it again. I bought new tires and rims for the car last year, over a $1,100.00. I have about $3,000 in the audio system alone. When I did the wheels last year, 2016, I also put new rotors on the car, inner and outer wheel bearings and replaced two calipers and all new brake pads. It took two days for me just preparing all the parts before installation you can see in one of the pictures. Self etching primer and caliper paints, yellow. 5 years ago I did the complete interior over on the car. This car is ready to go cross country right now. It has a 12 disc CD changer with 4 disc cartridges that goes with the sale, and CD's. it also has XM / radio, but has to be activated. I can watch DVDs on the pioneers H.D. TV screen. On the passenger side it has the sub-woofer and amplifier for it behind the seat. Along with the stereo I incorporated into the system a Blaupunk amp and goose neck equalizer $350.00 for adjusting different sounds while driving, and not looking at the screen to make the adjustments that way for safe driving. The radio has two remote controls, one permanent on the steering wheel, and one you you can operate from anywhere you like. This Pioneer head has built in USB ports Video/ Audio, flash drive and more. Built-in Phone holder. The car has a rear window defroster. It has a built in radar detector built in overhead with the interior lights switches. The car comes with the Viper alarm system / and a 2nd. alarm with silent pager system when someone tampers with the door glass, long distant range. It has a rear view left side TV screen for the blind spot. I just replaced the outside power mirrors switch. Power brakes, power windows and powered rear view mirrors. Comes with a detachable sun roof with the correct placement area in the front trunk to protect it. It has a new front bra, which I never used, its new in the soft case. Tinted glass. I change the oil and filter every 1,000 miles, I am a preventive maintenance guy, remember? I recently installed the bright LED lights for easy seeing during daylight hours, front 2 are white, both sides are yellow and the back end is red. The dash cam goes with the purchase. Also the GPS system stays with the car. I owned the car for 26 years and thought I would do something unusual to the car. I don't even see the normal Pontiac Fiero's on the street any longer. I said to a friend what would you have if you crossed together a " Ferrari and a Fiero, you would have a Ferroro SE 2.5 / The roof is done with the Stay-fast material commonly used on exotic show cars, it gives the look of the red arch, which is hand painted pinstriped in black. New front fog lights. Two new front headlight motors. Recently tuned up, runs great to say the least. Brand new battery, last year. There is a lot of paper work that goes with this car. The manuals also are included.
Tom H.
Video made with these images
Rebuilding headlight motors
A few videos below: pertaining to this "Fiero"
Addendum photos:
​The following pictures will give the viewer some idea how this car was cared for and the
​type of craftsmanship in doing the work. You have to keep in mind that
​I have restored antique cars for over "59" years now, creating good work habits...
Now with her new bright LED'S and new Fog Lights below, she looks very carefully
​for a new home to maintain this Classic car. by the way,
​This car will never rust, or rot out its made of  (7 different types of polymer plastics ).

Looking for something new and affordable, also a car which needs Nothing
Its right in front of you, go for it...​
Go for it, if your looking to buy, here it is
​"One of a Kind"...
Asking price  $8,350.00 or best offer
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$8,350.00 / or best offer