​​​U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Spar WLB - 403 out of Bristol RI.
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1- Docks in Tromso Norway.  
2- We are heading back home out into the open waters the Atlantic ocean.
 ​3- Not ready for another storm.
This is the actual ad that was used for the selling the
​Spar wlb-403  not alot of money.​​
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​ great detail, that Dave Milanak sent to me.
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The Spar had a complete overhaul in 1974 and into 1979.

​The USCGC Spar (WAGL 403) was commissioned in 1944 and assigned to Boston from 1944 to 1946. In 1946 she was transferred to Wood’s Hole and in 1951 was moved to Bristol, Rhode Island. In 1957 the Spar, along with sisters Bramble and Storis, made an historic voyage circumnavigating North America via the Panama Canal and Northwest Passage. In 1966 she Made A 17,000 Mile Journey Across The Atlantic And All Throughout Europe.During 1974-79 several of these cutters underwent a major renovation, including removal and overhaul of all the mechanical systems. The main engines and propulsion systems were rebuilt and a 200-HP bow thruster was installed. Berthing space was increased in the forward hold and they were recabled and repiped. The tenders to receive this rebuild were: Bramble, Sassafras, Sedge, Ironwood, Mariposa, Acacia, Woodrush, Sweetbrier, Hornbeam, Sundew, Firebush and Spar.
This 5 pound note from Belfast 
This is a photo XO David Woods took of the Spar-403,
​refueling​to come home from ​3 months at sea.
It was good that we were headed home, click to enlarge
    ​U.S. Coast Guard
We were talking about this picture below  
​when John e-mailed me this picture about the storm that hit Bristol RI. The ship is really taking a pounding.
This is where the Spar berthed. Some time has gone by since she was here. The Spar was now in Boston now.

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From the Spar right after the trip north I was transferred to East Moriches lifeboat station on Long Island NY. A -17 men were stationed there.
​I made a big mistake leaving the Spar.
East Moriches is located at 40°48′23″N 72°45′24″W / 40.80639°N 72.75667°W / 40.80639; -72.75667 (40.806287, -72.756735)

According to the United States Census Bureau, the CDP has a total area of 5.6 square miles (14.5 km²), of which, 5.4 square miles (14.1 km²) of it is land and 0.2 square miles (0.4 km²) of it (2.68%) is water. East Moriches has an elementary school, recently built, as well as a middle school. Once a student is in 8th grade, they may chose between three high schools; Westhampton Beach, Center Moriches, and Eastport-South Manor. In 2006 the school budget failed, and the school was put on to austerity budget, or a budget controlled by the state. The East Moriches Booster club raised enough money to give the school sports teams and clubs. East Moriches is also commonly referred to as EMO by the locals.
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Page No. 9
Going home- Dave Milanak  
​Spar's information​
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                                                                   1- Tromso at dusk in Black & white. 
         2- Tromso docks & its famous church in the background.
                    3​​- Tromso's Bridge from a higher position.
 1- Docks in Tromso Norway
       ​2- Tromso's bridge again in 1966.
                3​​- Tromso cable car, never made it.    

                                                                   1- Tromso's famous bridge.
                                                           2- A stamp from Tromso from 1966.
                                                                     3​​- More docks in Tromso.
                                                1- Coast Guard cutter Spar stamp from Dave Milanak.
                                            2- Same stamp how we recieved it from Dave for Christmas.
                                                3​​- The same type of stamp from another crew member.
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   1- Crew and chiefs getting into the lifeboat, Tom in No. 1
   2- Crew member at the helm, tired.
    3- Lifeboat going ashore to Jan Mayen island.
              4​​​- A single 8 MM cell of Spar's return from trip Bristol RI. dock.
                 No. 1                                                   No. 2                                                      No. 3                                                   No. 4
                        No. 1                                                                        No. 2                                                                       No. 3
                             No. 1                                                                       No. 2                                                                      No. 3
                           No. 1                                                                      No. 2                                                                        No. 3
                           No. 1                                                                         No. 2                                                                         No. 3
                       No. 1                                                                       No. 2                                                                      No. 3
                              No. 1                                                                       No. 2                                                                      No. 3
                No. 1                                                                           No. 2                                                                       No. 3
                       No. 1                                                                           No. 2                                                                        No. 3
                             No. 4                                                                         No. 5                                                                            No. 6
                             No. 1                                                                        No. 2                                                                        No. 3
                            No. 4                                                                      No. 5                                                                       No. 6
Posted  3 -1 - 2014​
Bristol RI as it looks today - Click onto picture to enlarge.
          No. 1                                                   No. 2                                                    No. 3                                                    No. 4    
                   No. 5                                                  No. 6                                                     No. 7                                                   No. 8
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​ original Spar wlb 403 "1966"
​ Cruise, PDF format
1- Commanding officers
2- Decommissioning of the Spar
3​​- Ships characteristics