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​​​U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Spar WLB - 403 out of Bristol RI.

Coast Guard boot camp - Packing list and more.
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Posted on 3 / 29 / 2013
Coast Guard Recruiting
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About Coast Guard Recruiting
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"This Page Is Dedicated To Those Who Are Thinking Of Becoming A Guardian
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How the U.S. Coast Guard Works,
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Welcome aboard!
​The Coast Guard's future begins here in Cape May, New Jersey. Coast Guard Training Center Cape May is the home of the Coast Guard's enlisted corps -- it is our nation's only Coast Guard enlisted accession point and recruit training center. More than 4,000 of America's finest young men and women arrive for the first chapter of their Coast Guard career - boot camp. Our mission is to transform America's civilian volunteers into military members of the United States Coast Guard. At Training Center Cape May, we are guided by the Coast Guard's core values of Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty.

Coast Guard Basic Training Packing List.
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Recruit Training can be found in the HELMSMAN.
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Steady our Service
Strengthen our Partnerships
Respect our Shipmates
Honor our Profession
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U.S. COAST GUARD Recruiting Videos, 1 Hour
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The mission of Training Center Cape May is to graduate motivated men and women ready and able to serve with pride, professionalism, and commitment in the Coast Guard. Mentors play a key role in developing the civilian men and women who enlisted into highly motivated apprentices needed to do Coast Guard work. Mentors help instill accountability for performance, the will to succeed, and a commitment to excellence. A vital partner in the “Three Team Commitment”, the Mentor bridges training and the first unit by helping prepare recruits to meet the field's expectations.
Training Center Cape May encourages prospective Mentors to submit an application to Training Center Cape May's Battalion Officer via e-mail network. Each candidate should seek funding for travel and per diem expenses from his or her parent command or Gold Badge CMC. Prospective Mentors must obtain their local chain of command's concurrence to avoid conflicts with the company visits.
The Battalion Officer will select Mentors using the following screening criteria:
• Volunteers must be active duty or reserve military members in grades E-7 and above, CWO2-CWO4, and O3 and above with extensive experience, maturity, and exemplary performance. Applicants from the Officer Corps who do not have prior enlisted experience are encouraged to apply concurrently with an eligible enlisted member.
• As role models to the service's newest members, Mentors must exemplify the finest traditions of military customs and protocol, including meticulous uniform appearance and grooming. Compliance with the Commandant's weight standards is essential. Candidates are reminded that this role requires good interpersonal and communication skills. Mentoring involves one-on-one discussions as well as group presentations to companies as large as 130 recruits. Mentors will employ coaching, counseling, and active listening during meetings with the company.
• Candidates O3 and Below should also include a command endorsement with their application. The endorsement should address the requirements outlined in paragraphs a-c above. Applications are accepted in conjunction with the annual ALCOAST solicitation message, and visitation dates will be assigned for the current year of solicitation only.
After notification of selection the Mentor shall:
• Coordinate with the Lead Company Commander the specific arrangements for visits during the second, fifth, and eighth weeks of training. The Company Mentor shall attend an out-brief with the Commanding Officer between 0900-1000 on graduation morning.Be prepared to answer career related questions (advancement opportunities, education, transfers, first unit expectations, etc.) and speak at the Company’s graduation ceremony. If travel plans allow, the Company Mentor is also invited to eat lunch with the recruit award winners the day before graduation.
• Comply with Training Center Cape May’s rules and regulations for recruits and the training program. The Recruit Company Mentor Guide clearly delineates the Mentor’s responsibilities and provides valuable insight for making the Mentor visits as effective as possible. If questions arise during the mentoring program, seek clarification from the Lead Company Commander or Battalion Officer.
How do I apply to become a company mentor?
You must complete the application and email it to: LT Ed Herbst.

Training Center in Yorktown.
Department of Homeland Security
United States Coast Guard.
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"Uniform Issues"
All Coast Guard personnel are responsible for maintaining their uniforms in serviceable condition, and are responsible for procuring sufficient quantities of uniform items and properly maintaining them as appropriate to their assigned duties. All personnel are responsible for owning, wearing, and maintaining sufficient quantities of personal items such as undergarments, socks and stockings, etc. to comply with Coast Guard standards of personal hygiene and appearance.
Required Seabag Items ( Complete list of clothing for Male or Female in the Coast Guard ).

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