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U.S.C.G. Barque Eagle and Academy
Each summer, Coast Guard Cutter Eagle conducts cruises with cadets from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and candidates from Officer Candidate School for periods ranging from a week to two months. These cruises fulfill multiple roles; the primary mission is training the cadets and officer candidates, but Eagle also makes calls at foreign ports as a goodwill ambassador. 
United States Coast Guard Academy
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                   No. 5                                                   No. 6                                                    No. 7                                                 No. 8
                  No. 9                                                   No. 10                                                  No. 11                                                   No. 12
                  No. 13                                                  No. 14                                                 No. 15                                                  No. 16
                  No. 17                                                 No. 18                                                  No. 19                                                  No. 20
                No. 21                                                  No. 22                                                  No. 23                                                 No. 24
                 No. 25                                                  No. 26                                                  No. 27                                                   No. 28
                 No. 29                                                  No. 30                                                    No. 31                                               No. 32
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Built at Blohm and Voss Shipyards in Hamburg, Germany, in 1936, the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Eagle is celebrating its 75th anniversary. The three-masted barque is the largest tall ship flying the American flag and is the only square-rigger in U.S. government service. Dubbed “America’s Tall Ship,” Eagle will set sail with about 140 cadets on a summer training voyage this Saturday to recognize the anniversary and trace some of its roots across Europe and the Northeast United States. -​ See more at:

                  No. 37                                                No. 38                                                  No. 39                                                    No. 40
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                  No. 42                                                No. 43                                                  No. 44                                                 No. 45
A permanent crew of six officers and 50 enlisted personnel guides the trainees through a rigorous underway and in-port training curriculum dedicated to the skills of navigation, damage control, watchstanding, engineering and deck seamanship. The work of climbing the rigging, hauling line to hoist or douse sail, and the reality of living and working in close quarters for weeks at a time is an arduous experience. Long hours standing watch in the rain and cold, and cleaning dishes and scrubbing decks take cadets out of their comfort zones – if there is such a thing at a military academy. - See more at:
               No. 46                                                  No. 47                                                  No. 48                                                 No. 49
                   No. 50                                                   No. 51                                                   No. 52                                                 No. 53
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                 No. 55                                                 No. 56                                                    No. 57                                                 No. 58
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​Officer Candidate School (OCS.
Officer Candidate School (OCS) is an extensive 17-week course of instruction which prepares officer candidates to serve effectively as officers of the United States Coast Guard. In addition to introducing students to the military lifestyle, OCS provides a vast curriculum covering topics that are essential for performing the duties of a Coast Guard Officer. Graduates of the program receive a commission in the Coast Guard as an Ensign and are required to serve a minimum of three years on active duty service. Graduates may be assigned to a ship, flight training, or an operations ashore billet. All graduates will be available for world-wide assignment.
United States Coast Guard Academy
Address: 31 Mohegan Ave.New London,CT 06320

Phone:(800) 883-8724
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​  U.S.C.G. Academy
U.S. Coast Guard
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​​​U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Spar WLB - 403 out of Bristol RI.

U.S.C.G. Cutter EAGLE (WIX-327)
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Military academy in New London, Connecticut
Founded in 1876, the United States Coast Guard Academy is the military academy of the United States Coast Guard. Located in New London, Connecticut, it is the smallest of the five federal service academies. 
Address: 31 Mohegan Ave Pkwy, New London, CT 06320
Motto: Scientiæ cedit mare
Acceptance rate: 16% (2010)
Mascot: Objee the Bear
Color: Blue
Phone: (800) 883-8724
Founded: 1876