In boot camp, your most trustworthy piece is your weapon. It is your M1 and  
​it weighs 9 pounds, to learn more about this rifle.  Click onto photo below for info.

1- Completed basic training on 29 October 1965.  2News paper clipping completing basic training.
my Mom & Dad with Tom Huff  at the time I didn't know he would be coming home with
​us for a visit before going to his duty station which was in Florida.

My original photo ID card in the "U.S. Coast Guard".
4 , Ron Powell, my brother Bill and I, We went into the Coast Guard under what they called back then was "The Buddy System" join together stay together, well from that day on and in & out of boot camp we never seen each other until we were discharged. Such is life. 5- Tom Huff outside my home in Philadelphia PA for a visit before leaving to go to ​Florida where his orders were cut. ​​​​​​​6-Ronny Powell, Tom & Bill Hough with both of our parents at graduation ceremony day from boot camp in  "1965" -- Cape May NJ.
7 - Tom Huff and myself in front of my parents house in Philadelphia,PA. 1965.
8-​ ​Tom Hough & Tom Huff  just out of boot boot camp in Cape May NJ. 1965- we were in Oscar co. together.
9- Tom and Carl & my Mom, Carl is from Providence RI., we were In Oscar Co. No. 59 together in 1965.

10- ​A picture of Cape May NJ training center In 1965.
11- A real puck right out of  boot camp- Cape May NJ.
12- This is a Volkswagen I pinstriped when I was transferred to the Spar.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Boot camp and the cigarettes.
I was in Oscar company summer of 1965.   Our CC was a first class petty officer Gaus BM1.  I remember one of the guys in our in our company asking for a smoke break while doing maneuvers in the obstacle course. I knew this guy was in trouble and I was right.  Guas was a real nasty guy we all stood at attention as he instructed our shipmate to go get his cigarettes from the barracks. Now he also
​ told him to go into his office to get his 
scotch tape dispenser.  This kid was fast he was back in a heartbeat.  Guas took out all his cigarettes made a roll out of them and taped the cigarettes all together.  Then he told this guy to stick them in his mouth and light up. Damn  if he didn't do it Guas kept saying take a drag bigger bigger, we were sick just watching him, needless to say he never asked for another smoke break again.  Guas was hard to beat, but I have to admit I did beat him over and over again and it wasn't really hard to figure out but I did it without getting caught. The one thing in boot camp could not deprive you of was your religion.  I went to a Methodist meeting on a Tuesday night it was an hour Long. You could smoke as much as you wanted to then I thought I'll go to the catholic mast on Wednesday night same deal with the smoking.  I went to the Jewish meetings also and I decided to go to all of them and I never got caught.

Posted on 6 / 18 / 2010.
From Rich Notestine:
I don't know where Rich got this, but it does have my
C.C. in the picture below, Gaus JR. BM1
​Thanks Rich.

End of Boot Camp- Oscar 59_1965 / CC BM1  W.M. Gaus Jr. 
The song on home page (Stranger on The Shore) I played it on the jukebox where we could buy grinders and a coke, or whenever I had liberty while attending engineering school in Groton Conn. back in "1965".  I wore the record out, It brings back many memories for me, when we graduated I was transferred onto to the
​"SPAR" wlb-403 out of Bristol RI. and in "1966" we went for

one hell of a cruise into the North Atlantic. Tom Hough
Below​ U.S.C.G. Institute and The Mansion at Avery Point Groton training station.
​Click onto picture below for more Information.

Below a map of  Fishers Island - NY
​                                        The 4 men below were our shop instructors I wish I knew their names,
​                                                                           they were good people.

                     No. 1                                                No. 2                                                 No. 3                                               No. 4
​Two pictures of our class ( 28 ) Shipmates attending school in Groton Conn. in 1965.
​Some 14 signatures signed by my shipmates on the back of my picture
​ that attended enginemen school together
​ 1965, in Groton Conn.

Tom... I just seen this or should I say I never noticed this before.
What you wrote after your name Tom's friendly financer.
Just how much do I owe you man?  The interest rate alone is gonna kill me,
​ Some "49" years ago.

Finally getting back to you. I was just looking at a picture of us assembled in front of Engineman's School. It would be interesting to know where everyone ended up. Some probably went to Vietnam. I was on my way to Nam when my orders were changed at the
​last minute and I ended up with you guys instead.
I remember funny times with you me and Carl Provost looking for a cheap buzz. I have lots on memories of Fisher's Island too.  Man...we were so young and had the world by the ass.
Every time I see a nice pin-striping job I think of you.
​Every time I buy Robitussin, not the AC kind, I think of you.
Yeah- Groton was a hoot. Where did you end up after EN school?

​​ Tom Graduated on  April 8th 1966.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Postcard of Soldiers Monument and New Railroad station. ( 1905 )
New London's train station. When I was attending Engineering school in Groton Conn. in 1965. I have these pictures because if you look you will see the ferry that boat went to Fisher's Island.  So I could go to Philly or the island which we went to often. I remember a time when I took a classmate with me Tom Zaborski we missed the ferry so we had enough money between us and decided to take a plane to the island or we would have had to wait till the morning.
"CLICK below for information about the U.S.C.G. school in AVERY POINT in
​Groton Conn. End of engineering school at Groton Conn.

Ferry prices below to Fishers Island
When We Were Attending Engineering school In Groton Conn. we saw the ferry that went to Fishers island by the train station so we went there to party we didn't know there was
A coast guard station over there so we had a place to sleep.

Onto the Spar WLB-403 from Groton Conn. 1965
The Spar was our home away from home. She was a great ship.
This was a shot I took of the Spar when we were in one of the life boats on our way to Jan Mayen Island for some R&R.

​All photos by Tom Hough.

The Spar's Itinerary for 1966 voyage.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A letter to home check out the spelling.
​This is a letter I had typed on the ship
to my home back In Philly Pa, when out at sea. It was the only letter to be picked at the time even though everyone knew of the deadline. The mail was picked up from our ship by a Naval Destroyer somewhere in the North Atlantic ocean. My writing abilities back then were atrocious, when you see my spelling you'll know why I said it. But the letter turns out to be pretty interesting because it gives all the port of calls and the dates along with them.
​I only just found this letter in this summer of 2009.  

Click onto picture of Jan Mayen island for more information about the island back in "1966".  A lava rock bubble from the volcano on the shoreline right as I stepped out of the Spar's small boat. I picked that up as fast as I could. ​We looked around for more but there was nothing where we had time to look at.
​ This could be very old - I still have it today.
Click onto film strip to watch the only footage of the Spar from: run time 15:00 minutes.
Kyle Chapman's 8MM camera he bought over there somewhere.​
4- This is a shot I took by placing the camera over the one side of the Captains binocularsand the other side to look through its a Russian trawler that was popping up all over the place jamming our radio signals, we could receive but could not transmit at all.   5-  There were a lot of seals out this time of year it was the summer months.    6- I wish the camera had color film in it this was a great looking sky.
7- On left a mild day out at sea.   8 - Jim Malone on watch on the SPAR
9- On right just another typical day out at sea somewhere in the North Atlantic.

​10- Spar leaving Jan Mayen Island Norway. 11- On center seaman Cody up on bridge clowning around as usual. 12-Gary Nordon & myself on a smoke break​ he played the Guitar.
13 -Chadwick Fn standing watch good buddy.  Joseph Mark Chadwick. 14-Small boat in
​Tromso bay leaving Tromso Norway. 15- It was sad for me - Leaving  Gyda.
18 3 masted ship that was part of the Swedish Navy the tour of duty for them was 8 years.  17- Chadwick  smoking his pipe.​  Joseph Mark Chadwick. ​Docks.  18- "Tromso Norway" when heading back out to sea. 
19 -​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Notestine -Chadwick- Tom- & Cody take notice to Cody's Radio Bag it was stuffed with beer. As we neared the arctic circle.  20-We began to see icebergs.  21- shot of Seymour just coming off duty again.
22 - From left to right Rich Notestine Chadwick Seymour & Cody.
23 -Every saturday we were allowed two cans of beer for 25 cents each.  Those of us that drank had given
​ money to the non-drinkers so we had more then our share but being out at sea wasn't such a good Idea for the next morning.  24- This is Kyle Chapman on the Spar's Gangplank or brow in 1966.

Some places we visited while on our voyage in 1966. northwest coast of Jan Mayen island
on left east coast of Jan Mayen close to the research station.
On right side a typical beach on Jan Mayen island Norway, drift wood & Belfast Ireland, the city.

The USCGC Spar (WLB-403) was a 180 feet (55 m) sea going buoy tender
​USCG Seagoing Buoy Tender
The Seagoing Buoy Tender is a type of U.S. Coast Guard cutter originally designed to service aids to navigation, throughout the waters of the United States, and wherever U.S. shipping interests require. The Coast Guard has maintained a fleet of seagoing buoy tenders dating back to its origins in...
Spar's most notable accomplishment was being a member of a group of United States Coast Guard
United States Coast Guard
The United States Coast Guard is a branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the seven U.S. uniformed services. The Coast Guard is a maritime, military, multi-mission service unique among the military branches for having a maritime law enforcement mission and a federal regulatory agency...
vessels to be the first to circumnavigate North America in 1957.
Click below for Decommissioning:

​Spar was decommissioned
in 1997 and sold at auction.

Page No. 2
​​​U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Spar WLB - 403 out of Bristol RI.

U.S. Coast Guard​​​​​
Boot Camp & Groton Conn. Engineman School.
​                     No. 1                          Click onto all images to enlarge.​                            No. 2
                                      No. 1                                                              No. 2                                                           No. 3
                                 No. 4                                                                       No. 5                                                                     No. 6
                              No. 7                                                                          No. 8                                                                       No. 9
                                    No. 10                                                                No. 11                                                                No. 12
                         No. 1                                                                       No. 2                                                                       No. 3
                                      No. 1                                                                  No. 2                                                                  No. 3
                             No. 4                                                                       No. 5                                                                       No. 6
                   No. 7                                                                     No. 8                                                                         No. 9
                         No. 22                                                                   No. 23                                                                     No. 24
                             No. 19                                                                     No. 20                                                                    No. 21
                               No. 16                                                                    No. 17                                                                     No.18
                           No. 13                                                                   No. 14                                                                    No. 15
                               No. 10                                                                     No. 11                                                                     No. 12
                            No. 1                                                                        No. 2                                                                       No. 3
Click below for 18 Pages of
​ original Spar wlb 403 "1966"
​ Cruise, PDF format
This was my Mom's camera that I borrowed to use on the Spar's cruise,
​its a wind-up camera made by Kodak Model # 400 ( Hi-Tech).  Click onto it to enlarge

The Captain of the Spar at the time I boarded her was, LCDR  F. J. Flynn, he was a great captain. 
Click below to read a statement made by Captain Flynn in "1956" 

​​​LCDR F. J. Flynn:  A Mysterious Mass, on - 8 August, 1956

We are in Boot camp now, Cape May New Jersey "1965" Oscar Company 59.

As we all got our shots in the arms with air guns, we were lining up to have more work done. Today was a day we all had a date with the dentist. As we were getting our teeth cleaned and checked, and all the other fun things they do in your mouth it was my turn & I heard the officer ( at the time, which I didn't know at the time, he was training a new recruit) I heard him say to the chap with this 3 ringed needle where to stick me several times, with that large tool, he was training on me. He was a student in Cape May and now I was his next target. That one day set me back, for 2 1/2 weeks. It was decided that one of my wisdom teeth had to go.  But next to it was a tooth in need of a lot of work, such as root canal and then to cap it later on, but not so in this case, the officer said to give him plenty of novocaine, he was yanking both of them out at same time. Then I heard him say, there is a large gap between the two teeth, so we will use this new gel, it is suppose to clot the blood very fast. What a big mistake, mainly for me they were having a tough time teaching this new student to stitch me up.  I had to say something, while I was swallowing my own blood. They stitched me up and they used their new wonder gel. The gel was not doing what it was made made to do, I bled a lot, and was put on no duty.  My company graduated without me, Oscar 59 then another company, then one more, everyday I needed new sheets and pillow cases because of all the blood lose. After two weeks of healing I was able to be placed into a company which I knew no one, and I graduated with them. It turns out the school I applied for engineering school in Groton Conn. would start in 4 to 6 months, so I stayed in Cape May pumping gas and changing oil, while waiting for my new orders to go to Groton Conn. .
 No. Carl Provost, his mom & two sisters, we were attending engineering school together who would have ever thought we would be trading duty stations sometime in the future. He was at East Moriches Long Island NY, a 17 man
​ lifeboat station & I was on the Spar out of Bristol were Carl lived, and I was closer to Philly. Man did I make a mistake.

​    No. 1​                                                           No. 2                                                                     No. 3

   Ron,         Tom              & Bill
Click below for 8 MM
film ​footage "1966"
My twin brother,
​William F. Hough,
his boot camp photo & Honorable 
​discharge certificate​

​Click onto to enlarge​
Everybody in the Coast Guard carried a shot card, for different immunizations, till the day they are discharged.

​Click onto the image to read.

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