​​​U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Spar WLB - 403 out of Bristol RI.

Posted on 1-21-2014
​This is a quote from Mike Gerken
The Wreck of the Spar-403 may be only a modest 180' long and not have as memorable a history as say the aircraft carriers USS Oriskany, and USS Saratoga or even the WWII troop transport ship the SS President Coolidge but her story is a respectable one that deserves attention all the same. Let it not be forgotten that this ship served it's country to the best of it's abilities in war and in peacetime and continues to serve today as a stunning and marvelous dive sight.
​The "Cutter With the Most Gold" just keeps on giving.​​​​
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Diving the Spar-403​, Mike Gerken 
The ​The images below are the compliments of the B F D C,
​Diving the Spar 403.
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​on these photos to see the real beauty.
​Bathed by the clear, warm waters of the Gulf Stream, the coast of North Carolina offers some of the best scuba and wreck diving in the United States. Whether interested in sight-seeing, underwater photography, maritime or military history, a technical diver or just beginning, from Cape Hatteras to Cape Fear, the abundant marine life and numerous shipwrecks of North Carolina offer something for scuba divers of all interests and skill levels.
         ​No. 13
​                                                   No. 14                                                    No. 15                                                 No. 16
Courtesy of the BFDC wreck diving team for these great images for all to see, especially those of us in the Coast Guard getting and was home to many, many sailors. John Hagerty of the "Spar Museum"spent his tour of duty
​on the SPAR WLB-403 for 4 years.
​​State Marine Officials Sink Ship On Purpose To Create Artificial Reef
Hey Tom,
David here from Hartly Delaware, I saw on a web page some time ago that the Spar
​was sunk off the coast of N.Carilina,
I forgot to save the web site so I just googled that again this is what I found.
May GOD bless and keep you
David R THornton
Click onto links below for more information, Coast Guard ship the SPAR-403 went down off the coast of Morehead City this week.
 Michael Gerken's write-up on the SPAR WLB-403.
The Coast Guard Cut­ter Spar was sunk as a diver friendly wreck, the 180 ft. long Buoy Tender, and 37 ft wide Spar WLB / 403 sits upright in 100 ft of water and is completely intact. The Spar got its name from the US Coast Guard Motto “Sem­per Para­tus, Always Ready” which was an appropriate name for the Coast Guard buoy tender commissioned June 1944. Making port at various locations up and down the Northeast US, the Spar was one of the most awarded vessels in the Coast Guard fleet and served in a variety missions during its 50 year service including
hunting and oceanographyassignments. After being decommissioned in Feb of 1997, the ship was sunk as an artificial reef off the coast of More­head City. Now home to Sand Tiger Sharks, the Spar is a very popular site since
​it sits upright and has lots of opportunities for penetration.
​ Posted on 1-22-2014
Below are just a few of great under water shots of the SPAR-403 where she lies today. The ones who still get to see her today are divers & they are so fortunate to be able to. The Spar was once considered home for many Coast Guardsmen and these hazed images of her should bring back many memories of her, the ship has never failed anyone in the Coast Guard.
​These images are seen for the first time today, 1-22-2014, I love the photos of these sharks swimming just above the divers, Click onto the image to enlarge, click twice foe a closer view. Enjoy.
​Anyone that knows a 180then the pictures will speak for themselves.
​  I love the sharks just over the divers.​​
U.S. Coast Guard​
Page No. ​24
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                    No. 1                                                    No. 2                                                     No. 3                                                    No. 4
                 No. 5                                                     No. 6                                                        No. 7                                                 No. 8
                   No. 9                                                 No. 10
      No. 11                                                  No. 12
                No. 17                                                    No. 18                                                  No. 19                                                  No. 20
                  No. 1                                                     No. 2                                                   No. 3                                                      No. 4
                 No. 5                                                     No. 6                                                     No. 7                                                    No. 8
                   No. 9                                                    No. 10                                                    No. 11                                                 No. 12
               No. 13                                                   No. 14                                                    No. 15                                                 No. 16
                No. 17                                                 No. 18                                                    No. 19                                                No. 20
                  No. 21                                                   No. 22                                                   No. 23                                                  No. 24
                No. 25                                                    No. 26                                                  No. 27                                                  No. 28
Posted on 3 -1 -2014
​Two more great diving videos by the divers who shoot videos of her. 
Its nice to be able to see her,
​As for the U.S.C.G. Cutter STORIS-38 its all over... So Sad.​
Click onto the pictures below to watch two great videos of the SPAR WLB-403
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​ original Spar wlb 403 "1966"
​ Cruise, PDF format
Watch a video slide show from the the images you just viewed.
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Waypoint: SPAR Latitude Longitude
Degrees 34.2777166666667 -76.64475
N 34 16.663
W 76 38.685
N 34 16 39.780
W 76 38 41.100

Compliments of, ​Gordon Lyman
​Diver goes inside of the USCGC Spar wlb-403 for a better look
​Next time it would be great to see it with more lighting. Click onto image below to see video