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​​​U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Spar WLB - 403 out of Bristol RI.

Click  onto image below to see the artist's detail​s. D. Ellis 1989
Click onto picture belowfor you tube on the STORIS -38 made for Sarah Pace
​( with captions) for her  grandfather, Captain of the  STORIS -38 at the time.
The time has come to say goodbye to USCGC STORIS. Whether she was The Galloping Ghost of the Alaskan Coast Bering of the Bulldog the Mighty STO or one of any other pet nicknames she endeared herself and made a lifelong impression on everyone who served on her or knew her.  Lifelong memories and friendships were made as the men and women who served aboard her bonded as one ship and one crew.  Over the years the STORIS and her crews proved themselves over 65 years of service to be figuratively and literally a one of a kind unit and a credit to our nation. In these final posts we encourage you to share your favorite STORISmemories and thoughts related to the ship.
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Dear friends, supporters, shipmates, and family members of  CGC STORIS
As you undoubtedly know by now, our efforts to obtain title  to the STORIS for use as a museum ship have been dealt a final blow this week with the sad news that the ship is being towed to Ensenada, Mexico, for scrapping.
 We followed every possible lead in trying to secure the ship but circumstances beyond our control ultimately proved impossible to overcome. Fiscal responsibility to our donors and common sense have always been important  guiding factors in our actions. Though we have lost the ship those of us who hold fond memories of our time on board STORISwill always have those memories, stories and photographs of the ship.  No one can take those away from us. It is up to us to share our stories and memories with our loved ones to keep STORIS alive. She will live on in our hearts and minds forever. While we  grieve at the  loss of the ship, I would encourage all of you to make this a time of remembrance and a time to share those memories. Second-guessing or getting angry won’t serve any positive end and certainly won’t honor the memory of the  ship and those who served aboard her.The closing remarks from Rear Admiral Arthur E.
​ (Gene) Brook sat STORIS decommissioning on 8 FEB  2007.  To sum things up well at this sad time:
    “So today we bid farewell to a beloved cutter that has served her nation with legendary distinction. This "Queen" has  literally carved a path blazed the trail and marked the waterways that ensured the safe transit of every ship  that followed. It’s obvious this tough old ship has the tenacity and  determination - the very heart and soul - of those who built her those  members of the greatest generation. Throughout the years the crew members at her helm have demonstrated extraordinary courage and for saving lives protecting living marine resources and protecting shipping from the hazards of the icy Arctic. STORIS is this hearty ship, the real STORIS is every Coast Guard crew member every crew that ever sweated and toiled and laughed and dreamed aboard her. These are the lives. These are the Coast Guard heroes, who breathed life and passion and purpose into STORIS - 38.  I want  to thank everyone who has supported the STORIS Museum over these past few years, whether it was a kind word, a letter of support or financial donation. We wouldn't have made it this far with out you. We can hold our heads up as we did the best
​we could under some very difficult circumstances.

​Semper  Paratus
  Jim Loback
STORIS Museum.

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to  watch a video slide  show of the
    USCGC Storis-38 sitting in Suisun Bay waiting on her destiny pictures taken on
​ by Rebecca Tyson Smith & Damon Stuebner thank you for the use of them.
​Tom Hough EN3.
Click onto the picture on the right for a short video on the STORIS-38 Goodbye !!
Posted on 6 / 12 / 2013
Historic Cutter Storis on the Auction Block
JayBarrett, KMXT - Kodiak
        Jay Barrett is the news director at KMXT in Kodiak.
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​ place with the  USCGC STORIS.

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This is the STORIS -38's Page, The Big Sister To All  180s.


​U.S. Coast Guard Cutter STORIS-38
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​   Bernie Merrifield's  Page
Dick Juge's Page
 Below is what the Storis' bell would look like if it were located.
    The bell below is the Bramble's bell touched up.
Below is a very old photograph of the CGC Storis-38 moored in her
    home base Kodiak Alaska and tied up to the gangplank
​ is the ship's Mascot 
Click onto Red Dog  for information -Year unknown.
Click picture below for rescue of the Alaskan Monarch 15 Mar.1990.
​Perfect Storm Rescues: Storis-38 &Helos.
Jim Loback Northwest Passage 1957 
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​Maritime museum needs Juneau's help.
A picture below of the Captains of the ships
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            ​Some are then and some more recent.
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Captain Arthur Morrison USCG (Ret) is seen below next to our  first major artifact being donated to the STORIS Museum by the SS Lane Victory.  Captain Morrison who served inSTORISin the early 50’s helped us in locating  the 3”/50 Single Gun shown.  He is currently working with the SS Lane Victory and  the US Navy to obtain permission for the transfer to the STORISMuseum. It is  excess to theLane Victory and will be relocated toSTORIS and installed on the  fo’c’sle,where originally a 3”/50 Single Gun was installed for service in  Greenland during WWII.

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​​ Lane Victory,  1 -movies
  Lane Victory,  2-movies
Click Below for short movie on the Storis-38 on April,15th 1993.
​  Running Time 5:30
USCGC STORIS (WMEC 38) underway 1992-1993
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​USCGC Storis video from 1962-63
​ 8 MM film
  video courtesy of Bob Arakel

The United Coast Guard Presents / The Northwest Passage - 1957
An Official U.S.Coast Guard Film
Watch the northwest passage, a 3  part series on youtube 
    approx.  30 minutes running time the trip was made  by the Spar WLB -403
Storis & the Bramble In 1957.
Motionpicture sectionpublic information division U.S. CoastGuard.
Admiral Thad Allen , commandant of the U.S.Coast Guard
    Starts out with the conversation about the
3 Coast Guard  Cutters on this voyage made in 1957,  bythe   Storis , Bramble &
    The  Spar
, and what their achivementswere.
Northwest Passage 16-MM-made from the two videos above.
Click onto image below enlarge.
​There will be more photos of the Northwest Passage
    c/o Jim Loback
STORIS Museum, Click onto link below.
An  interview with former crew members of the Storis-38 when they made the trip known as the Northwest Passage made in 1957 along with the
Spar & the Bramble.
    interviewed by Dr. Thiesen with
Dick Juge-Chuck Schmitzer- & Clair Upton
      also CMDR Farley & his daughter Marie.
All  photographs are from the files of Lieut.
      Commander F. B. Hunt  
      Donated to the STORIS  museum from
      His granddaughter "Sarah  Pace"
​"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, 
​It's about learning to dance in the rain"

    "Sarah Pace"
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 The STORIS 38's Page
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Click onto right click to see complete crew's list on the CGC Storis-38
Northwest Passage - scroll down towards the bottom ​1957.
Over the mountain was recorded on June of "1957" by  "Johnny & Joe"

​Sale-Lot Number:41QSCI13425001

City, State: Benicia, CA
Current Bid: 70,100 USD (Reserve Not Met)
Bidders: 2
​Close Time: 06/27 08:15 PM CT (Closed)

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                    No. 1                                                                        No. 2                                                                       No. 3
                          No. 4                                                                      No. 5                                                                         No. 6
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                          No. 13                                                                      No. 14                                                                      No. 15
                        No. 16                                                                       No. 17                                                                      No. 18
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                   No. 5                                                     No. 6                                                    No. 7                                                  No. 8

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The Farewell Video,Storis-38
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Life and Death of a Queen​, this is a site well done of the USCGC STORIS, by Sara Pace
How could such a ship like this, STORIS-38 be scrapped?
She is a visual beauty to say the least. Her history surpasses that.
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