​​​U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Spar WLB - 403 out of Bristol RI.

Page No. 29
Home page  Spar & 10 civilians on oceanographic survey of the fracture zone along Norway's coastline in 1966.

Page No. 2​​   Boot camp and engineman school in Groton Conn. -Tom Zaborski.

​Page No. 3​   Rich Notestine & Jim Malone& more pictures.

​Page No. 4 ​   Pictures of surrounding countryside- Norway, some maps and miscellaneous items.

​Page No. 5​   Pictures of Norway towns and crew with a list of all the 180's, Click each ship for information.

​Page No. 6​   Pictures of Jan Mayen island, stories and underway heading towards home from Newfoundland.

​Page No. 7​   Newfoundland, my Zippo lighter for Gyda in trade for hers Tromso Norway, slideshow @ bottom.

​Page No. 8​   Spars in my day - Guardians now. A Great Asset to this Web Site.

Page No. 9   ​Returning home Dave Milanakcharts money & more pictures.

​Page No. 10 Coast Guard entertainment page, some videos.

​Page No. 11 The Coast Guard We Once Knew-Roger Hughes -John Hagerty - Spar Museum & 180's Info.

​Page No. 12 Stories after 48 years- The ship that was once our Home.

​Page No. 13​  The Spars end Oct. 2004 in 108 feet of water Mike Gerken's Page 30 miles out from N.C.

Page No. 14 Commanding Officer - Peggy M. Britton on the William Tate - Philadelphia PA​.

​Page No. 15 ​ The Storis-38 the big sister to all of the 180s.

​Page No. 16 Bernie Merrifield's page while on the Storis-38 on the "Northwest Passage" in 1957.

Page No. 17  ​Dick Juge's page also on the  Storis-38 on the"Northwest Passage" in 1957.

​Page No. 18 Links Page.

Page No. 19 My Grandfather was on the "RMS Carpathia"en-route to "RMS Titanic's" aid in 1912.

Page No. 20 A little bit about myself.

Page No. 21 List of the STORIS-38 crew members on Northwest Passage - Articles - Last Voyage.

Page No. 22 SPAR wlb-403 Welcomes the Spar wlb-206.

​Page No. 2Goodbye Tromso Norway Goodbye to Jan Mayen Island & Goodbye to Gyda. / Slideshow.

Page No. 24​  Diving the Spar wlb-403 Great photos from Divers who still stay in touch with the Spar-403.

​​Page No. 25
Information on the Spar-403 - and buoy tenders in general.

​Page No. 26
 ​ Storis-38 -You tubes & Pictures of the STORIS-38 being built.

Page No. 27 Alan Meeker's time in the U.S. Coast Guard.

​Page No. 28​  Alan Meeker's Book13 ​pages.

Page No. 29 Index Page.

Page No. 30 U.S. Coast Coast Patches.

Page No. 31 The surf-man's creed USCG Items on ebay-plus Vintage U.S.C.G. items - Buoy Identification.

​​Page No. 32 The Music Page.

​​Page No. 33 U.S. Coast Guard Games.

Click here  U.S. Coast Guard you tubes.​

​​Click here  Information on the USCGC STORIS-38.

​​Click here  All Celebrity - actress's & models on You tubes, over 800 of them. Enjoy.

​​​Page No. 34  You tubes I have made.

Page No. 35  Coast Guard Alaska.

Page No. 36  U.S. Coast Guard Festival.

​Page No. 37  Coast Guard boot camp page.

​Page No. 38  U.S.C.G. Cutter Eagle.

​Page No. 39  Information about all the 180' buoy tenders.

​​​Page No. 40​
  Past Their Coast Guard Careers, ( Compliments- Ron Wilkins ).

​​Page No. 41​  Recent diving the Spar pictures, more added later.

Page No. 42   David Wood's Page, Captain (Ret.)

Page No. 43  U.S. Coast Guard in Law Enforcement

​​Page No. 44 The Coast Guard in Vietnam

​​Page No. 45  William Tate slide show

Page No. 46​​  One of Alan's Stories
Page No. 47  Operation deep freeze 

Page No. 48  180's Wallpaper

Page No. 49​​​​​  Pin-striping early 70's slideshow 

Page No. 50
  Guest Book from my website with Verizon

Page No. 51  Molly Bower slide show

Page No. 52 Tom's "1953" DeSoto slide show

Page No. 53 Alan's slide show

Page No. 54 ​Storis - 38, slide show
U.S. Coast Guard Spar wlb-403/ Index Page.​
U.S. Coast Guard​
Page No. 29

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