​​​U.S. Coast Guard Cutter SparWLB - 403 out of Bristol RI.
Page No. 29
Home page-   Spar & 10 civilians on oceanographic survey of the fracture zone - along Norway's coastline in 1966.

Page No. 2- ​​  Boot camp and engineman school in Groton Conn. & Tom Zaborski.

​Page No. 3-  Rich Notestine & Jim Malone with more pictures.

​Page No. 4- ​  Pictures of surrounding country side- Norway, some maps and miscellaneous items.

​Page No. 5 - ​ Pictures of Norway towns and crew with a list of all the 180'sClick for information about each ship.

​Page No. 6 - ​  Pictures of Jan Mayen island, stories and underway, heading towards home from Newfoundland.

​Page No. 7 - ​ Newfoundland stories and lighter trade for my Zippo lighter from Gyda in Tromso Norway.

​Page No. 8 - ​ Spars in my day - Guardians now. A Great Asset to this Web Site.

Page No. 9- ​  Returning home Dave Milanakcharts money & more pictures.

​Page No. 10​Coast Guard entertainment page, some videos.

​Page No. 11 - The Coast Guard We Once KnewRoger Hughes -John Hagerty - Spar Museum & 180's Info.

​Page No. 12 - Stories after 47 years - The ship that once was our Home.

Page No. 13 -The Spars end Oct. 2004 in 108 feet of water Mike Gerken's Page 30 miles out from N.C.

Page No. 14 - ​Commanding Officer - Peggy M. Britton on the William Tate, Philadelphia PA​.

​Page No. 15 -The Storis-38 the big sister to all of the 180s.

​Page No. 16 -Bernie Merriefield's page while on the Storis-38 on the "Northwest Passage" in 1957.

​Page No. 17 - ​Dick Juge's page also on the Storis-38 on the"Northwest Passage" in 1957.

​Page No. 18 - ​Links Page.

​Page No. 19-  My Grandfather was on the "RMS Carpathia" enroute to "RMS Titanic's aid in 1912.

Page No. 20 - ​A little bit about me.

Page No. 21 -​ List of the STORIS-38 crew members on Northwest Passage-Articles Last Voyage.

Page No. 22-​  SPAR WLB- 403 - Welcomes the SPAR WLB- 206.

​Page No. 23-​  Goodbye Tromso Norway Goodbye to Jan Mayen Island &Goodbye to Gyda.

Page No. 24 - ​Diving the Spar wlb-403 Great photos from Divers who still stay in touch with the Spar-403.

​​Page No. 25
-​  Information on the Spar - and buoy tenders in general.

​Page No. 26
Storis-38 -You Tubes & Pictures of the STORIS-38 being built.

​Page No. 27 - Alan Meeker's time in the U.S. Coast Guard.

​Page No. 28- ​ Alan Meeker's Book - 13 ​pages.

Page No. 29 -Index Page.

Page No. 30U.S. Coast Coast Patches.

Page No. 31The surfman's creed USCG Items on ebay- plus Vintage U.S.C.G. items- Buoy Identification.

​​Page No. 32- The Music Page.

​​Page No. 33-  U.S. Coast Guard Games.

​Click here
-    U.S. Coast Guard you tubes.​

​​Click here -  Information on the USCGC STORIS-38.

​​Click here -   All Celebrity- Actress's & Models on You Tubes over 780 of them.   Enjoy.

​​​Page No. 34You Tubes I have made.

Page No. 35-​ Coast Guard Alaska.

Page No. 36- U.S. Coast Guard Festival.

​Page No. 37- ​Coast Guard boot camp page.

​Page No. 38- U.S.C.G. Cutter Eagle.

​Page No. 39- Future use.​

U.S. Coast Guard SPAR'S Index Page.​
U.S. Coast Guard​
Page No. 29

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