​Posted on 19, Oct. ​2014

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Hi Tom,
​I came across your web site this morning quite by accident: there was a piece in the morning paper about the new SPAR assisting in getting a disabled ​​ship away from the BC coast, and it prompted me to Google that ship, as I hadn't been aware the CG had given the name to one of the new class of WLB. In the process,
​ I came across your site. ​I was XO (a brand new Lieutenant) under Frank Flynn on that trip in 1966, and it remains one of the greatest of my many USCG adventures. I stayed in the Guard for a full 30 years, commanded the MADRONA, BIBB, and EAGLE (my last hurrah). It was a great career, and I can say I remember only a couple of bad days. I retired in 1992 and lived in RI from then until just a few months ago, when my wife and I moved to a retirement community in Maine. I would love to hear about your subsequent life; you obviously retain a fondness of the USCG.
Best regards, and thanks for a terrific job on the web site!
​It brought back many great memories.

​Thank you David, Tom Hough EN3 Spar wlb-403​

Coast Guard Arctic
Service Medal
50 Years,
Half a century​ !!

David V. V. Wood 
New XO on the Spar's voyage​
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