Posted on 6_4_2016

50 Years,
Half a century​ !!

Coast Guard Arctic
Service Medal
Posted on 6_21_2016
​Dave Milanak

Hi Tom,
Ha, its the 50th already. Wow did my life flash by so quickly?
Well I know the Spars website is pretty extensive, you being responsible for that.
But I really don't know what to say that hasn't been said already about her. True, she had a lot of sea miles on her, and her hull was wearing thin. But sometimes we just have to let go and let her remain deep 6ed on the bottom. I can still hear those Fairbanks Morse's grinding away taking us out to another aids to navigation location. Of all the guys who spent time on her, I was surprised only 6 of us keep in touch.
​ Kinda sad. So fair weather and following seas my friend.
Dave Milanak