The Coast Guard in Vietnam
​​​U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Spar WLB - 403 out of Bristol RI.

Click below for 18 Pages of
​ original Spar wlb 403 "1966"
​ Cruise, PDF format
No. 1- read caption.  
​No. 2 - 82-foot Point Comfort (WPB-82317) in dry-dock.
No. 3​ - 82-ft. U.S.C.G. inspecting junk at Dung-Dong
No. 4 - 82-ft. U.S.C.G.C. Point Comfort (WPB-82317)
 No. 1                                               No. 2                                               No. 3                                              No. 4
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No. 5 - Fish Con-son, 1968 
No. 6 - ​Another view of the piggyback mortar
No. 7 and No. 8 - ​Beard growing contest by crewman of USCG 82-footer Division 11, in Thai

 No. 5                                                 No. 6                                              No. 7                                               No. 8
    No. 9                                                No. 10                                                No. 11                                           No. 12
No. 9 - CAPT Robert J. Lo-forte, USCG, Commander, Coast Guard Squadron One,
​in the pilot house of the 82-footer
No. 10 - ​C.G.C. Point Young
No. 11 - ​C.G.C. Sherman's Vietnam Cruise, 1970
No. 12 ​Chief [Warrant] Gunner Elmer L. HICKS, USCG, has designed an adapter for a .50 caliber Browning machine gun on top of the recoil cylinder

No. 13 - Close-up of gun crew on board U.S.C.G.C. POINT COMFORT (WPB-82317)
​firing 81 mm mortar
No. 14
- Coast Guard Boats Along Side Krishna ARL-38 Vietnam​
No. ​15 - Coast Guard Cutter Basswood works a buoy as busy Vietnamese fishermen travel to open sea and their fishing grounds from Vung Tau harbor.
​No. 16 - COAST GUARD IN VIETNAM Five white
​ 311-foot cutters
of the recently established Coast Guard Squadron

                ​No. 13                                               No. 14                                                No. 15                                            No. 16
No. 17 - Coast Guard Squadron One 82-footers bound for Vietnam.
No.18 - ​Coast Guard Vietnam N-3
No. 19 - ​Commissioning ceremony 
No. 20 - ​Coast Crewmen cart high explosive projectiles across the deck of the 311-foot U.S.
    No. 17                                               No. 18                                              No. 19                                             No. 20
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   No. 21                                              No. 22                                             No. 23                                              No. 24
No. 21 - DA NANG, VIETNAM, Coast Guard 82-footers tied up
No. 22​ - DA NANG, VIETNAM, Commandant's inspection and where 82-footers tie up.
No.23 -  ​DC1 Bill Ribbing Tan My 1971 Coast Guard Vietnam CG Loran Station Tan
​ my Vietnam
Tan My Loran Station
No. ​24 - Dillen Beck Hernandez,1968

No. 25 - Fishing-junk
No. 26 - ​Fresh water large, Point Ellis
No. 27 - ​Gresham's five-incher provides gunfire support for friendly
​ forces ashore in south Vietnam.

​No. 28 - Id Rifle M 16 700 08
    No. 25                                              No. 26                                             No. 27                                            No. 28
No.29 - LCDR Mixon inspects chopper prior to take-off
No. 30 - ​Lieutenant Jack Rittichier, USCG
No. 31 - LTJG Jones is stampeded by village children when someone yelled that
​he had candy to give away!
No. 32 - ​Map of Vietnam displaying patrol areas for the three divisions of U. S. Coast Guard Squadron One

  No. 29                                             No. 30                                              No. 31                                              No. 32
No. 30, Above - Read more about Lieutenant Jack C. Rittichier, USCG
Coast Guard Aviator No. 997 ( Click Here)​​​

No. 33 - Minnie Log USCGC Minnetonka Whec-67 on Market time patrol;
​Viet Nam Deployment with Coast Guard Squadron
No. 34 - ​Map phuoc Tuy Web-1024 x 576
No. 35 - ​Point Partridge C.G. 82305
No. 36 - ​Radioman Second Class Rossano listening on the international distress frequency 500 Kcs.

  No. 33                                             No. 34                                             No. 35                                              No. 36
No. 37PCF-43 Swift Boat
No. 38​ - The Brown Water Navy in Vietnam
No. 39 - ​The chief petty officers of the Winona on her Vietnam cruise
No. - 40 ​The cutters begin the journey to South Vietnam from the Philippines, July, 1965.
 No. 37                                            No. 38                                              No. 39                                             No. 40
No. 41 ​​The five-inch gun on board the 311-ft. U.S. Coast Guard Cutter HALF MOON
No. 42​ - The U.S.C.G. Cutter Point Comfort inspects a Vietnamese fishing junk.
No. 43 - ​Three 82-footers being loaded on to the Pvt. Joseph Merril
No. 44 - ​Underway replenishment soon becomes a way of life for ships on Market Time
No. 41                                             No. 42                                            No. 43                                              No. 44
No. 45 - U.S.C.G. 82-footers change from white to dark grey coats
No. 46 - ​U.S.C.G.C Blackhaw (WLB-390) at sea, A 2,200-pound Qui Nhon harbor
No. 47 - USCGC Blackhaw in Vietnam. In the background is the Vietnamese Navy's HQ-230, an LSSL. It is the former USS LCS(L)-96.
No. 48 - ​​U.S.C.G.C. Gresham 

        No. 45                                             No. 46                                              No. 47                                            No. 48         
16 February 1965- A 100-ton North Vietnamese trawler unloading munitions on a beachin South Vietnam's Vung Ro Bay is discovered by a US Army helicopter. TheVung Ro Incident led to the creation of the OPERATION MARKET TIME
coastal surveillance program to combat Communist maritime infiltration of South Vietnam.
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No. 49 - VTN CMDT Visit.
​No. 50 - ​VTN Gres 7
No. 51 - ​VTN Gres 7
No. 52 - ​VTN Gres 10

No. 49                                            No. 50                                                No. 51                                             No. 52
Below is a slide show of some of the
​ photographs on this page.

No. 53 - VTN Minnie PCF REP 
No. 54 - ​VTN Pt Comfort Inspection 
No. 55 - ​VTN Pt Comfort Inspection 
No. 56 - ​VTN Pt Comfort Inspection 
No. 53                                            No. 54                                            No. 55                                          No. 56
No. 57 - VTN Pt Comfort Inspection
No. 58 - ​VTN Rush NGFS Color fires
No. 59 - ​VTN Sherman Doctor
No. 60 - ​VTN Smilin Kids
No. 57                                              No. 58                                            No. 59                                              No. 60
U.S. Coast Guard
The Coast Guard in Vietnam
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Welcome Home!
This is a trailer from a documentary that is supposed to air next year, 
​40 years after the fall of Saigon.
"Welcome Home" is a new series being produced by Sleeping Dog Productions, Inc. It tells the story of Vietnam Veterans, from all branches of the service.
It is scheduled for release in 2015, the 40th anniversary year of the end of the War.

Compliments of Sleeping Dog Productions.
Welcome Home is Long Overdue.
*Welcome Home* ​"From the U.S. Coast Guard"​​
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