Congratulations to the USCGC  Spar WLB-403,  & its crew-members, celebrating its 50th. Anniversary, on its departure on 15 July "1966", out of Bristol RI.  Getting underway and completing a  17,000 mile journey, up into the Arctic Circle, and throughout Europe's many ports.
​ an oceanographic survey with the naval department, and 8 civilians, in charge was Leonard G. Johnsonwho conducted the survey for the navy.

*There are 6 crew members in touch with each other from 
     ​"1966" "Click onto names below for their comments"

USCGC SPAR WLB-403 --- 15_ July "1966"  /  15_ July "2016"
* 8 MM film
​  in "1966"
David V. V. Wood, the Spar's new XO, for Spar 403 trip / to
                                Captain ​David V. V. Wood, on the
                        U.S.C.G.Cutter Eagle (WIX-327) "1988 /1992"
            ​David, remained in the Coast Guard for 30 years.

* Do the Officers and crew members of the
​Spar-WLB-403 deserve this medal, and the 50 th. anniversary is coming up, 15 July 2016.  
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God blessed us all, on a 180 foot ship.