The only 6 crew members on board the Spar wlb-403, at the time of her voyage, in "1966"
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XO on the Spar David Wood & wife Paula, two sons Kenneth, Geoffrey, & one on the way.
Two crew members reunite after 43 years, Dave Milanak & Kyle Chapman
Dave Milanak
Rich Notestine
Tom Hough, I believe I just made EN3 at this time.
Jim Malone & Rich Notestine growing up together.
Rich Notestine
Dave Milanak
Jim Malone & Rich Notestine on the bridge, Cactus.
Dave Milanak 43 years after our voyage.
Tom and Pat Hough at home
​50 years later
Jim Malone, A picture for his Mom, being his usual self
Tom Hough, having a
​ smoke break
Jim Malone, when he was 
another ​Marlon Brando.
Kyle Chapman, he is the one who shot the 8 MM film abroad.